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Finance & Transparency

Budgeting & Precept

Precept is the tax raised for the business running and upkeep of the facilities provided by the Parish Council. Parish precept stays in the community which directly benefits from what it pays, unlike any other tax.

Parish Councils are not capped and can increase a precept by as much as required. Many often increase it by 30% (and even up to 70%) to pay for specific projects and reserves replenishment.  The proposed budget for 2024/25 of £18,767 (including £500 for grants) was an increase of £2,441 (15%) on the 2023/24 financial year.
The majority of dwellings in the parish are Band C, which would equate to an 8/9th of the charge on a Band D house.

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The volunteer economy in the parish could not be underestimated, and was applauded by numerous surrounding parish councils and greatly appreciated by the Borough and County Councils.  Many repair and maintenance tasks were undertaken by parish councillors and other volunteers, reducing the pressure on the budget and the precept.  This had to be borne in mind for future years.

OPTION 1 – to increase the precept to £18,000 – £700 below the budget for 2024/25. An increase of £1,674 or 10%.

This would increase the Band D payment from £41.75 to £45.80 – an increase of £4.05 on 2023/24.

OPTION 2 – to increase the precept to £18,500 to enable additional grant funding. An increase of £2,174 or 13%

This would increase the Band D payment from £41.75 to £47.07 – an increase of £5.32

This is Per Household Per Year.

Councillors unanimously agreed to set the precept for 2024/25 at £18,500.


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