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Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting of the electorate (not a parish council meeting) will take place on Monday 20th May at 7.30pm at the Hurstbourne Tarrant Community Centre,

Published: April 9, 2024

The Annual Parish Meeting is for residents to get together, to discuss parish matters, to debate and agree on issues, but also to hear from the parish council and other groups and agencies which support the community.

This year, there will be another ‘information evening’ which will consist of a number of stands from various groups as well as short presentations.  To date, there will be representation from the Rural Business Hub, HCC Rights of Way Rangers, the Farming Community Network, Neighbourhood Watch, St Peter’s Church, Watercress & Winterbournes, the Dogs’ Trust, Hampshire Police, SSEN Priority Services Network, HBT Horticultural Society … and more!

If you would like to attend to have an information stand or give a 5 minute presentation (no charge for either), please make contact with the Parish Clerk – or telephone: 01264 736677.

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