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Published: September 4, 2023

The Bourne Valley has started up a sustainability group – “Sustainable Bourne Valley” – and they also have a website packed full of great ideas.

Hurstbourne Tarrant Parish Council began a wildlife project – “HBeeT Wildlife Group” – in 2018.  (We are in the process of transferring the information across from the village page but at present, it can be found here).

The Parish Council hopes to consider sustainability ideas in the near future. Of course, if you have any ideas to share with us, please do get in contact.

Hurstbourne Tarrant Parish Council Sustainability

HBT Sustainability Group

On 29th January 2020, the first meeting of the Sustainability Group took place at the Rural Business Hub in HBT.  The whole whiteboard was filled with ideas (which have been transposed into the document below).  Feel free to take a look – if it inspires you, then why not give us a shout and join in?


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